Consisting of team that is experiences in their field, ARC is a company engaged in the field of tax consulting.


We provide Tax service to Individual and/or Company


Tax administration is the key to implementing and enforcing tax law. In more detail, tax administration includes managing the tax system, identifying and registering taxpayers, collecting taxes, and providing services to taxpayers. Services which include :

  • Application for Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP)
  • Revocation Tax ID
  • Non-Effective NPWP
  • Submission and revocation
    Taxable Entrepreneur (PKP)

We provide tax consultation to clients in order to exercise their rights and fulfill their tax obligations in accordance with tax laws and regulations so that clients can make efficient and effective decisions. We can help provide the best solution in client tax problems that see in all aspects of the company so that clients can consider the solutions we have provided.


For each tax report we will always explain the results and the level of potential success and risk that will occur to the client. Services which include :

  • Periodic Tax Return of Article 21
  • Periodic Tax Return of Article 23 and/or 26
  • Periodic Tax Return of Article 22
  • Periodic Tax Return of Article 4(2)
  • Periodic Tax Return of Article 25
  • Periodic Tax Return of Article 15
  • Corporate Taxpayer Annual Tax Return
  • Individual Taxpayer Annual Tax Return

we are committed to assisting a business in meeting its client's tax compliance obligations, as well as identifying corporate tax risks and tax planning opportunities that may arise. With a work culture that focuses on fast service.


We assist clients to arrange taxation which can be used by clients in managing their business taxation or income. We provide tax planning without violating the constitution or the applicable taxation law.


Tax review services are to review client tax compliance, identify potential client taxation, and provide recommendations to minimize the tax potential. Our review will cover all client activities that have an impact on the client's tax obligations. This service covers the evaluation of the feasibility of data and information presented in the Tax Return (SPT) as well as possible issues and potentials that the client may have.


This service is to assist client companies in resolving tax disputes, such as objections to tax assessments, appeal against tax objection decisions, and requests for tax review to the Supreme Court. This service aims to ensure that tax disputes are resolved fairly.


This service is to assist your company in dealing with global business transactions involving cross-border tax regulations. We will analyze complex international tax issues in order to minimize the tax burden and meet tax compliance requirements in Indonesia and other jurisdictions in collaboration with our global affiliates. This service includes but is not limited to: Transfer Pricing Documentation, Taxation Planning for Cross-Border Transactions, Transfer Pricing Review and Transfer Pricing Dispute Resolution.


Acounting is one of the most important thing in running a business regarding to the fullfilment of tax Obligation


A process of recording financial transactions into accounting records. Transactions include sales, purchases, income and expenses to become financial reports, both for the current month and yearly, as well as for certain periods that the client wants. 


We well analyze the client's financial statement which includ the accounting process and cycle that will have an impact on the taxation aspect.

Our Clients

We have recieve the trust of many campanies that are engaged in various field.